September 25, 2011

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In August 2012, I accepted the position of Learning Commons Librarian and Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University, in Statesboro, GA.  Prior to that, I was a  Reference and Instruction Librarian at the Community College of Philadelphia’s Main Campus Library  for more than 10 years. In addition to teaching formal classes in information literacy and research methods, I have experience teaching a computer applications course (both in the traditional classroom and online) and a Freshman Orientation seminar.  As a Department Liaison,  I have done collection development in a variety of subject areas in the social and biomedical sciences.  In Technical Services, I have a background in serials control and management, including staff training and the documentation of policies and procedures.

I believe very strongly in the teaching role of academic librarians and I greatly value my work at the Reference Desk as well as in the classroom for the variety of interactions and influence we can have on students: from ready reference, to point-of-use instruction on a wide array of topics, to informal academic advising. I think it is the most interesting, varied, and challenging work I have ever done.

My philosophy of teaching is based on two main goals: 1) to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to become passionate learners and 2) to set them on the path to lifelong learning  [for more detail on my teaching philosophy, see the Quick Links in the sidebar to the right]

I have:
  • taught more than 350 formal information literacy classes, some by team-teaching with discipline faculty or as an embedded librarian; also I have taught semester long courses in applied computer technology  (both in the traditional classroom and online) and a Freshman Orientation seminar;
  • chaired the Information Literacy Subcommittee of the Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, guiding our team through the development of an Information Literacy plan, creation of learning outcomes and  a rubric for grading assignments in writing intensive courses;
  • lead a team that adapted an online tutorial to assess Information Literacy skills [for more, see the Quick Links in the sidebar];
  • participated in team-based outreach to the college community through: an online course supplement in the College’s CMS (WebStudy); use of social media tools such as Facebook  and Meebo; and  regular contributions to a library blog;
  • created research guides, online tutorials and an information literacy wiki [see  the Quick Links in the sidebar]; and
  • most recently, I worked with two other community college librarians to design and write a proposal for a joint Information Literacy assessment.

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